Bespoke weddings in Paros Eden park! A day to be rembered for a lifetime.

Get married in Paros' secret paradise

I. Ceremony

1. Orthodox Ceremony

Paros Eden Park complex is just 5 minutes away (by car) from the beautiful chapel of Agios Fokas.The famous chapel situated in Paroikias Bay and is an ideal location for an Orthodox wedding and is definitely worth traveling from any side of the world. Couples are easily attracted by the tranquil ambiance of the chapel, its seamless whitewashed stone walls and irresistible view of the sunset and the Gates of Paros. Besides these, there is also a fascinating lighthouse and ruins beside the chapel that can serve as excellent photoshoot backgrounds for the couple and their guests. Brides usually travel to the quaint little chapel by boat.

2. Civil Ceremony

Paros City Hall is just 3 minutes away (by car) from the complex. Couples who opt to have their wedding here are usually blessed by the town’s mayor or by another individual appointed by the mayor. Besides the superb wedding services provided by the municipality, what is amazing about getting married here is that the balcony of the municipal building has a stunning view of the sea. Where else in the world can you find a city hall with a lovely view of the ocean?

3. Catholic Ceremony

Agios Antonios, a sought after Catholic church located in the beautiful village of Paroikia is a majestic sanctuary where couples can tie the knot. Imagine walking as a bride throughout the whitewashed cobblestone streets of the village while splendid musical instruments are playing. Isn’t that just amazing? Don’t forget: cars are also not allowed inside the old town of Paroikia, locals and tourists usually hike their way up to the chapel. If you’re coming from Paros Eden Park, you will get to Paroikia in just 3 minutes by car.

4. Symbolic Ceremony

For couples who are looking into having a symbolic ceremony in an astounding location inspired by Greek history and Cycladic architecture, Paros Eden Park complex is the place to be. There is a spacious amphitheater by the pool area where couples can exchange their fervent vows while guests sit and relax. If you’re dreaming of tying the knot by the beach under a beautiful archway, there are numerous stunning white sand beaches near Paros Eden Park that you can choose from.

II. Pre-wedding get-together

The marvelous pool and garden areas of the complex are the perfect spots to have pre-wedding get-togethers. The Waikiki inspired outdoor bar can serve guests appetizing Greek finger foods and refreshing drinksupon request.

III. Wedding Reception

Imagine making an entrance as newlyweds –– walking down to the lower part of the pool area through a charming pathway filled with blooms and greens in voukamvilia tones while smelling the sweet scent of jasmine. With the help of our exclusive wedding planner, you’re one step closer to your dream wedding.

IV. Post-wedding Brunch

The day after the big day, should be about pure relaxation. Leave it to the complex’s trusted food caters to prepare a lovely Greek brunch for you and your guests.

V. Food

Paros Eden Park has partnered up with the best caterers in town that can cook excellent food based on you and your guest’s preferences. As a country known for having one of the best cuisines in the world, you will surely never go wrong with Greek food made out of none other than fresh local produce.   

VI. Entertainment

If Greece is known for anything, that would be the country’s vibrant nightlife. If you’re in need of an awesome DJ, band, or a musician to play for you and your guests, we’ve got you covered. Paros Eden park has a scenic view that is perfect for an afternoon / night full of singing and dancing.

VII. Lighting

To help set the romantic mood of the gathering, dainty string lights can be found within the pool area. They’re pleasing to the eyes and can definitely enliven the overall outdoor setup of the event.

VIII. Budget-friendly Price

Paros Eden Park is a budget-friendly complex. Do not hesitate to ask for a quotation for your stay and we will work within your means.

IX. Accommodation for you and your guests

Paros Eden Park is the perfect long weekend destination that you and your wedding attendees can stay in to celebrate your big day and at the same time unwind away from the city life. We have 12 fully-furnished rooms with their own cozy balconies that will allow you and your guests get a glimpse of the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea, a pristine swimming pool to dip in, a Waikiki inspired outdoor barand a number of relaxing lounge areas designed for your comfort. 
Living together for a weekend in an exclusive complex tucked away from the city sounds like a good idea, isn’t it? We would love to have you on board! To book stay in this gem of a complex, send us a message and provide us with the important details.