Experience the blissful island of Paros on a whole new level. You and your loved ones will never run out of thrilling and amusing activities to do around the quaint town of Parikia. From sports activities, visiting famous tourist spots, nature tripping, and a whole lot more –– leave it to us to make your stay more memorable! You don’t have to worry about finding local vendors to assist you in booking the following activities because you can just leave it on our hands to do it for you. We work with a lot of superb vendors within Paros, so you don’t have to travel far away just to experience these enjoyable activities. 

I. Play

When it comes to sports, Paros is a haven for wind and kite surfers. World kite and/or wind surfing champions frequent the majestic island of Paros to attend competitions or to simply enjoy the refreshing energy brought by the waves. If you’re not into surfing, there are a number of beautiful diving spots in Paros where you can go snorkeling and swim with the fishes. 

Biking, horse riding and trekking are also other enjoyable recreational activities you can do in Paros. 

II. Explore

Wanderlusts and adventurous individuals will surely have a magical time in the island of Paros because of the number of stunning spots to visit and exhilarating things to do. Paros is rich in remarkable history, impressive art, and breathtaking spots. If you’re planning to visit any of these breathtaking spots, we have a transport service that can be used upon request to transfer you from one place to another.  


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Just 1.57km away from Paros Eden Park, Krios is a splendid sandy beach filled with hole-in-the-wall wine taverns and cafes serving delectable food and drink selections. There are also a number of sundecks within the area that allow visitors to get a good view of the beautiful town ofParikia. Guests can easily get to other famous sandy spots from Krios because it is located near other gorgeous beaches like Martselo. 


Parasporos beach is famous for its golden sand and crystalline bodies of water. You will never go wrong in this island because of its vibrant nightlife and serene atmosphere. The coast is filled with cool pubs and lovely cocktail lounges frequented by locals and tourists. Parasporos is just5.61km away from Paros Eden Park and can be reached by car. 


Martselo, or also known as Marcello Beach is another dreamy island that travelers stop-off in Paros. The golden sands of Martselo are brimming with modish outdoor bars, cozy lounge areas, and spacious areas where visitors can play volleyball and frisbee under the Parian sun.Martselo beach is just 2.11 km away from Paros Eden Park.


Livadia is a haven for wanderlusts and adventurous individuals due to the availability of inviting sun beds scattered around the beach, thrilling watersports activities, and of course the tranquil ambiance brought by the calming sounds of the waves. The heavenly island is just 1.04km away from Paros Eden Park.


Faragas is a dreamy and serene beach located 17.66km away from the complex of Paros Eden Park. Tourists visit Faragas due to its tranquil ambiance, unpopulated surroundings, and golden sandy areas. There is a small outdoor bar within the vicinity serving delightful cocktails and appetizing food. 

Golden Beach

The sought-after Golden Beach, also known as Chrissi Akti, is an ideal place for windsurfers. In fact, it is where the Windsurfing World Cup is held every year. Due it’s vibrant energy, golden sand, and relaxing sunbeds, tourists always have a good time in this gem of a beach. It is 20.81 km away from Paros Eden Park.

Aliki Beach

Take your time off in this quaint beach filled with dainty parasols and relaxing sunbeds. Go people watching on a balmy weather, dip into the beach’s crystal clear bodies of water, and taste flavorful meals served by local restaurants and cafés just around the corner. Aliki Beach is 15.24km away from Paros Eden Park and can be reached by bus. 

Art, history, and Architecture

Panagia Ekatontapiliani

The infamous church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani is just a few meters from the port of Parikia and is 2.22km away from Paros Eden Park. The grandeur of this well-looked-after church built by St. Constantine is fascinating because it contains hundred doors inside. Out of the hundred majestic doors located inside the Monastery, there is one distinct door that will lead to Hagia Sofia, a well-known place of worship in Constantinople. There are unquestionably plenty of interesting facts visitors can learn about this ancient church. No wonder Panagia Ekatontapilianiis always on the list of must-visit places of travelers in Paros. 

Archeological Museum of Paros

When it comes to art and history, tourists usually travel to the Archeological Museum of Paros totake a look at ancient statues of prominent people in Paros, well-crafted sculptures, and awe-inspiring mosaics made during the Neolithic and early Christian periods. The statuesque marble figures of Mermaid Gorgo and Nike (Victory) can be found in this museum. Art and history enthusiasts will surely appreciate visiting the Archeological Museum of Paros because of the one-of-a-kind relics and artifacts there. Traveling to this well-known museum from Paros Eden Park is easy because it is just 2.11km away from the complex. 

The Frankish Castle

Just 2.16km away from Paros Eden Park, The Frankish Castle is a magnificent structure in Paros that serves as a reminder of the splendid history of the island. It is believed to be built out of remnants of old temples. With its impressive architecture and sophisticated aesthetic, locals and travelers all around the globe make it a point to visit this majestic fortress to appreciate its beauty and rich history. The Christian Orthodox Church of Agios Constantinos can also be found inside the castle.  

Lefkes Village

When it comes to dainty Greek villages to explore, Lefkes should be part of your list. The village is 11.64km away from Paros Eden Park and is situated on a hill. There are incredible sights to see and exciting things to do in this village. By wandering around its narrow streets, you will be able to witness the grandeur of the old-fashioned whitewashed houses and windmills, ancient churches, and fascinating museums situated there. The Church of Agia Triada, Folk Art Museum, and the Museum of Aegean Folk Culture can also be found in this gem of a village.  

Marpissa Village

Imagine strolling around narrow Greek streets filled with charming stone houses, beautiful churches, and an array of fine-looking flowers displayed around. Yes, that’s what you will be able to witness when you visit Marpissa Village. There are a lot of stunning structures that can be found in this village –– the Monastery of Agios Antonios and ruins of old fortresses to name a few. Marpissa Village is 16.59km away from Paros Eden Park and is situated near pristine beaches like the famous Golden Beach, Piso Livadi, and Logaras. 


Butterfly Valley

The Butterfly Valley located in Petaloudes, Paros is another must visit destination for nature lovers. The beautiful valley that is abundant with charming Jersey Tiger moths is 9.88km awayform Paros Eden Park. Take a stroll down the quaint narrow pathways of the valley and fall in love with the striking appearance of the butterflies. Just note that they’re sometimes hard to spot because they easily camouflage with the greeneries around the valley. Moreover, summer is usually the best time to go to this one-of-a-kind valley. 


You shouldn’t leave the beautiful island of Paros without tasting its flavorful wines made out ofMalvasia (a type of grape) and Mandelaria. There are a number of taverns (especially in the quaint town of  Naousa) with breathtaking views serving the best wines in town.